Encrypt data at rest

All data is stored in secure AICPA SOC 1/2/3 compliant data centers, and protected by disk-based encryption at rest against physical thefts.

You can opt to additionally encrypt all your raw data at rest with AES256-GCM at the application / database level, where each project within your account gets its own unique encryption key.

Secure and control access

You can control and maintain your the identities of Rollbar users by using SAML-based single sign-on (SSO).

You can set policies on two-factor authentication, login attempts, session expiration limits, and more to guard against unauthorized access.

If you use Okta, OneLogin, G Suite, or similar, you can opt to enable SCIM-based provisioning to manage Rollbar users directly in those apps.

Scrub sensitive data

Filter out sensitive data like credit card numbers prior to sending errors to Rollbar to stay PCI compliant.

In cases where sensitive data has been sent to Rollbar, we can remove it from storage per your request.

We retain your data in their original context. The standard data retention policy is 180 days. You can opt to get custom data retention policy if you require a longer or shorter period.

The fact that we’re ramping up continuous deployment for a lot of our services - is only doable because we have Rollbar integrated. Rollbar is so tightly coupled into the way we work, it seems part of our system as a whole.

Arnaud FerreriLead Engineer