Get Django exception & crash reports in real-time.
Track & debug Django bugs in record time.

Real-time error reporting

Django errors are tracked by Rollbar instantly as they occur. Get notified of errors and how to fix them throughout the software development process.

Similar Django errors are automatically grouped using Rollbar's fingerprinting technology to reduce noise, and all errors include detailed data to help you assess impact and assign priority.

Error details & metadata

Rollbar automatically collects all the data you need to replicate and debug a Djangoerror, presented in ways optimized for debugging speed.

Get stack traces, request parameters, local variables, affected users and IP addresses, browsers and OSes, deployed code versions, and more.

Local variables & arguments

Local variables and arguments help you debug problems faster by showing you the state of the application when the Django error was created.

You can view their values directly from the stack trace, and know exactly how to reproduce an error locally because you can see what triggered it.

Works with your stack

Rollbar supports all popular languages and frameworks:

Fits into your workflow

Integrations with tools you're already using.

If a tool is a burden to implement, developers won’t use it. That isn’t the case with Rollbar. It’s simple to set up. And it gives us value by providing actionable exceptions, aggregation, alerting, and directionality.

Tyler WellsDirector of Engineering, WebRTC/SDKs

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Quick setup with our lightweight & open source SDK

pyrollbar is a Python SDK for reporting exceptions, errors, and log messages to Rollbar.

Quick Start

Install using pip:

pip install rollbar

Start monitoring errors now

14-day unlimited errors free trial. 5,000 errors/month free forever.

The Django, Pyramid, Flask, and Bottle integrations will automatically report uncaught exceptions to Rollbar.

If you'd like to be able to use a Django LOGGING handler that could catch errors that happen outside of the middleware and ship them to Rollbar, such as in celery job queue tasks that run in the background separate from web requests, do the following...