More stack trace filename search filters

July 22nd, 2014 • By Brian Rue

We've released several new search filters to make it easier to find errors by the filenames in their stack trace. If you've ever wanted to find client-side Angular JavaScript errors that only occurred within your own specific domain, or exceptions originating in a specific part of your code, keep reading.

You've always been able to search for errors where any filename contains a string, but now you can also search for errors where:

  • all filenames contain a string (allfiles:myproject)
  • no filenames contain a string (nofiles:evilproject)
  • the top stack frame's filename contains a string (
  • the bottom stack frame's filename contains a string (bottomfile:some_important_library)
  • the number of filenames is within a range (minfiles:1 and/or maxfiles:10)
  • any filename contains a string (file:.rb)

These filters can all be combined in a single query. If you forget which filters exist, mouse over the ? next to the search box to see the help text.

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