New Integration - Auto-create Clubhouse stories with error data from Rollbar

February 9th, 2018 • By Tyler Cascade

At Rollbar, we use Clubhouse to manage our software projects. One of the many ways we use it is for tracking issues in product releases. We'd have an epic in Clubhouse for each release, and create stories for bugs associated with the release that we need to fix. This is especially useful when we're working on service packs.

If you're not familiar, Clubhouse is a project and product management software designed for agile software teams. We've written about how Clubhouse uses Rollbar and published an interview with Andrew Childs, their CTO and Co-founder, on our blog. 🚀

With this integration, you can now automatically:

  • Create a story in Clubhouse for a Rollbar error, based on rules you set
  • Include in the story the stack trace and a link to the error details data in Rollbar
  • Mark the story resolved in Clubhouse when it's resolved in Rollbar
  • Change the status of a Clubhouse story when an error is re-activated

Clubhouse integration settings in Rollbar: Rollbar setttings page for Clubhouse integration

Clubhouse story from a Rollbar error: Clubhouse story showing Rollbar data

To get started, check out this integration guide from Clubhouse.

Let us know if you have any questions, or tell us what you think!

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